Archery teaches so much more than just how to draw a bow and shoot an arrow. Archers also learn to slow down, focus on one part of the process, analyze mistakes and concentrate on improving one thing at a time... great skills for success whether in target or field archery in the classroom or in life. This course is for children ages 8+ and adults... learn archery with your children! Classes are taught by USA Archery Certified Instructors and all equipment is provided (archers may bring own bow as long as draw weight is under 30 pounds).

Archery 101: Introduction to Archery
The Introduction to Archery class will cover safety and basic shooting skills. The class is taught by USA Archery certified instructors. All archery equipment is provided. No prior archery experience is required. Those with experience from single-day archery camps should still enroll in Archery 101.

Archery 201: Beginner Archery
The Beginner Archery class builds on skills learned in Archery 101 and teaches additional archery skills to improve accuracy. Completion of Archery 101 or permission of the instructor is required.

Archery 211: Continue Archery
Continue Archery provides archers the opportunity to continue improving skills at his or her own pace. Completion of Archery 201 or permission of the instructor is required.

Please check back for updates on upcoming programs.

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