Friday Flicks

Friday Flicks

Join us for a movie every Friday at 1:00 pm at the Northville Community Center. 

Fee $1

October 25: The Cider House Rules 1999 PG-13 (2 hrs. 6 min.)
A compassionate young man, raised in an orphanage and trained to be a doctor there, decides to leave to see the world. 

November 1: Moonstruck 1987 PG (1 hr. 42 min.)
In this slice-of-life comedy about the Italian American residents of a Brooklyn neighborhood, an independent-minded widow falls in love with a one-handed misfit baker, much to the chagrin of her betrothed. 

November 8: Stan & Ollie 2018 PG (1 hr. 37 min.)

With their glory days as Hollywood's premier comedy team long behind them, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy begin a 1953 farewell tour of England and Ireland, reminding audiences -- and themselves -- of the magic of their partnership. 

November 15: Mary Poppins Returns 2018 PG (2 hrs. 10 min.)
The magic continues in Disney's classic as Mary Poppins helps the Banks family remember the joy of being a child. Together with her friend Jack the lamplighter, fun is brought back to the streets of London in a celebration that everything is possible... even the impossible. 

November 22: Yesterday 2019 PG-13 (1 hr. 56 min.)

While he's still looking for his big break, musician Jack Malik gets hit by a bus during a global blackout. But when he wakes up to find he's the lone person on Earth who knows of the Beatles and their songbook, Jack has a huge chance at stardom. 

November 29: No Movie - Center Closed

December 6: Red Joan 2019 R (1 hr. 50 min)
This dramatized biopic shifts between two eras as it recounts the tale of Joan Stanley, a longtime British spy for the KGB who sees her peaceful suburban retirement abruptly shattered when she's arrested for treason. 

December 13: No Movie - Handcrafter Show

December 20: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 1989 PG-13 (1 hr. 37 min.)

Hapless Clark, exasperated Ellen and their ever-changing kids take on Christmas in this holiday classic. As usual, all their good intentions can't save them from disaster... or Cousin Eddie, whose surprise visit throws them into disarray. 

December 27: The Awful Truth 1937 NR (1 hr. 33 min.)
This captivating screwball comedy stars Cary Grant and Irene Dunne. A married couple who mistakenly suspect each other of infidelity and file for divorce -- but then go to ridiculous lengths to make each other jealous. Ralph Bellamy is hilarious as Dunne's new suitor, Grant and Dunne have rarely been better. Leo McCarey won an Oscar for his sprightly direction. 

Thank you to Waltonwood for sponsoring our movies!

Please note: Some PG-13 movies may contain inappropriate material. R Rated movies will definitely contain adult material- bad language, violence, sex, drug usage, or will have an adult theme. Movies are subject to change based on availability.

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